Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Announcements For Week Of 3/4/12

These are your friendly neighborhood Pine Bluff UMC Announcements:
-Bible Study will be Tuesday Morning at 9:30AM and Thursday Night at 7PM
-Youth Meeting Sunday Nights at 530PM
-Safe Sanctuary Training will be March 18th at 4PM, this is MANDATORY for anyone working with children or youth.
-Daylight Savings Begins This Sunday (Don't be an hour late for church :) )
-Make A Friend, Be A Friend, Bring A Friend To Church

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  1. March 11th

    Since coming into the doors of the church over two months ago. Being welcomed and given the gift of certain knowledge. Until yesterday I had been on a journey into the wilderness. A 40 day journey. Which in reflection. gave me a spiritual insight into another 40 time period. That of my 40 year marriage which ended last June with the passing of my wife Sue.

    In the bible there are a number of references to this time frame. The following two spring easily to ind; "40 days and nights that the devil tempted Jesus". The "40 years that Moses led the children of god from Egypt through the wilderness to the promised land". Into which he himself would never set foot.

    Well at the end of my second 40 time period journey. Yesterday. I felt I had been shown that to move forward in what I believe is Gods purpose for me in the remainder of my life here on earth. I was directed to become one with the church and be Baptized.

    Thank you Preacher 'Bird' for performing that ceremony and to every one of you that was within the sanctuary when I became one more of the true believers in the words of God and the spiritual and physical works to be done here in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior.

    I pray now that I will be worthy of the task that lies ahead. I believe I will be with the prayers and support of my new found family at Pine Bluff UMC.

    God bless